"Zap" The Fat Away
 Bio-Frequency Sessions
 Whole Food Nutrition
Lose Up To 1+ Pound of Pure Fat Per Day 
We have a modern and effective approach to
solving your weight problem for good.
The Consultation

We'll discuss your medical background and body weight history to provide us with the information needed to ensure we are taking the right steps towards correcting any imbalances.


We use a specific combination of whole foods that help restore liver function, promote slight alkalinity, reduce insulin recruitment, and greatly improve metabolic function.


We provide bio-frequency stimulation to help restore hormone imbalances with insulin and leptin.This sets your body up for safe, effective, and sustained fat burning.

James K. Abshire, MD

Dignity Health

"As a physician, I have had many patients who struggle with their weight. When two of my patients lost and kept off their excess weight for over a year, I was intrigued.

I had watched my wife’s frustration as she tried many diet plans with moderate success, only to regain the weight and leaving her feeling defeated.

Her diabetes was out of control with an A1C at 10.4. She was taking 6 pills a day and much to her horror was scheduled to begin insulin injections.

NuBody was her last chance to dodge the needle.

Within a few months she had a significant weight loss and her A1C had dropped to 5.6, and best of all she was no longer taking any medication.

NuBody…for a new life!"

- James K. Abshire, MD

Our Values


To inspire, empower, and educate people affected by symptoms of obesity, with the intention of creating a better way of living via a healthier lifestyle. 


We understand the struggles involved in all facets of weight loss.


We are competent in our craft and consistently striving to improve.


Starting with our community, we are determined to create a healthier world via nutrition and education.


We believe wisdom is paramount to change.


For us, happiness is the ultimate goal in life and we believe a healthy body is a happy one!

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