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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Our pricing is dependent on how much time is spent on the program, so it will vary from person to person as all of our bodies are different. At your free consultation, we will do a body composition analysis which will show us how many pounds of fat you have on your body, as well as water, muscle, etc. This will allow us to estimate the amount of time you will spend on the program based on our average fat loss of 3.5 lbs per week for women and 7 lbs per week for men. Our estimates are usually very accurate; however, vacations, mistakes or other factors could potentially affect this time recommendation. We are also very flexible with payments we offer weekly, monthly or package pricing!

Is it safe?
Absolutely. Our program is designed to work with your body naturally. There is nothing being introduced to the body that is foreign or unknown – only real, whole foods and vibration patterns. The technology that we use is used by over 1,500 health professionals in the United States, Europe, and Australia for patients suffering from various forms of health conditions.

Do I have to purchase any special foods form you?
Nope! The foods that we recommend you to eat can all be found at your local grocery store! We do, however, provide a specific food list of approved foods but you will see that there is nothing unusual about this list.

Is this a low calorie diet? Aren’t low calories diets dangerous?
In short, yes. Low calories diets can be dangerous which is why we do NOT offer a low calorie diet but rather a lower calorie allotment. The way our program is designed will have your body using thousands of calories from your own stored fat every single day. These calories, in addition to the calories from the foods you will be eating, add up to an average of 2,550 to 4,300 total calories consumed per day. By following our nutrition strategy, you can avoid the dangers of low calorie diets and extreme caloric restriction, while turning your body into a lean, clean, fatburning machine!

Isn’t it dangerous to lose weight this quickly?
Depending on what you’re doing, it can be dangerous to lose weight quickly. This is the case when you lose muscle mass, water and/or structural fat. Unfortunately, this happens all too often with many fad diets, pharmaceuticals, excessive exercise, processed/packaged diet foods or the combination of any of these. Weight loss, when being tracked by only your overall weight, is not a clear enough picture as to what exactly is being lost. This is why we use body composition analysis scales every week that you come in. We can make sure that you are losing pure fat and not just weight.

Do you offer meal planning or preparation?
Absolutely! We have teamed up with a local food preparation firm that is able to make complete meals utilizing our specific guidelines. The meals are reasonably priced and can be delivered to your home for your convenience. This is a great option for those that have busy lifestyles or don’t want to have to measure, weigh and prepare meals either regularly or on occasion. We also have a wonderful recipe book available with over 80 recipes including desserts!

How will I feel on your program?
Our program is designed to put you in the state of ketosis which means that your body will be using fat for energy. Most of our clients experience feeling some, if not all, of the following: increased energy, increased cognitive function, less hungry, less cravings and better sleep. During the first week, or sometimes two, some people may not have as pleasant of feelings which is totally normal. When changing your diet, especially if you have a heavy intake of carbs or sugars, some people may experience headaches, fatigue, disrupted sleep or digestive issues. Your body will be adapting to a new fuel system but once you become fat-adapted, these feeling will subside and you should be feeling better than ever!

Do I come in just one time? How often will I meet with you?
If you decide our program is the right fit for you and you choose to sign up, you will come in to our office once per week for about 30 minutes. Each week, we will do a body composition analysis so that we can make sure all of your numbers are moving appropriately. We discuss goals and the week ahead go over any quesitons you may have. This also gives us an opportunity to make adjustmens specific to you and your results if necessary! We are also always accesible by email or phone!

Will my appointments be in a group setting or will I meet with my coach one-on one?
We offer one-on-one coaching so that we can focus on your needs and feelings specifically. However, if you would like to come in with a friend, spouse or family member, we can do that as well! Ask us about our group discounts if you are interested in this!

How long does the program take?
The time length of the program is specific to each person depending on how much fat needs to be lost. On average, men lose about 1 lb of fat per day and women lose about .5 lb of fat per day. We can esimtate the length of time you will spend on our system during your FREE consultation based on our average numbers!