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We start with a 72 hour “keto” phase where you will be consuming high amounts of fat, moderate amounts of protein and low amounts of carbohydrates. This way of eating will set your body up for optimal fat burning and will help buffer the effects of switching from sugar to fat burning. We like to refer to this stage as “priming the pump”.

You will then switch over to the real fat burning stage of our program. You will consume real, whole, natural food (no shots, pills, shakes, or anything of that nature) in specific combinations to promote the bodies’ ability to maintain alkalinity.

Meals will be consumed at specific times of the day in order to help regulate and normalize the relationship between blood sugar and insulin production. The result is rapid and sustained fat loss. Other common results are, but not limited to:  improved cognitive ability and focus, improved energy levels, better sleep, clearer complexion, higher self-confidence, clothes fitting better and curbed cravings.

Once your goal is met, we will develop an easy to follow meal plan that is designed to maintain your amazing results. At this point, your body is bullet proof to storing fat so long as you don’t go off the deep-end with sugar. You will still be able to enjoy the food you love while being equipped with the knowledge on how and when to eat  it.