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Gordon Ritchie


NuBody changed my life, plain and simple. I was overweight, out of shape and my low-back was killing me. I needed a plan with proven results and a solid structure; and that’s exactly what NuBody provides. At my initial consultation I, along with NuBody Owner Dave Gorman, created a strategy based on the proven science that the NuBody plan follows. My initial weigh-in revealed that I was 215 lbs, had 26.5% body fat, carried 57 lbs of body fat mass, had dangerous levels of Visceral Fat and a Metabolic Age of 56 years (I’m only 48!!!). The daily calorie plan is challenging and requires discipline but it’s certainly not impossible and the friendly NuBody staff is there for you every step of the way. I was provided easy-to-read instruction books packed with information and recipe ideas. I attended weekly weigh-in meetings to get my results and ask a ton of questions which Dave was more than happy to answer. By the end of my program I had lost nearly 30 lbs of total weight, reduced my body fat % from 26.5 to 19.3, lost 20 lbs of pure body fat going from 57 lbs to 37 lbs, transformed my dangerous levels of Visceral Fat to well within the healthy range, and lowered my Metabolic Age from an astonishing 56 years to 33 years !!! Along the way I also learned how to eat properly again, the importance of portion control, and just how vitally important daily water intake is. Like I said the NuBody plan has changed my life forever. I wholeheartedly recommend the NuBody program !!!