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How Does Exercise Affect Your Mental Health?

You already know regular physical activity is essential for physical health, but did you know it has extensive benefits for your mental health too? According to reports issued by the American Psychological Association, the evidence is clear: Exercise improves mental health. Researchers have consistently found that exercise not only delivers a short-term mood boost but… Read more

How to Make Exercising a Habit

You know you need to exercise more, but doing it consistently never works. If only you could make it a real habit, like putting on your seatbelt. You’d be healthier, and exercise wouldn’t feel like such a chore. Can that really be done? Let’s explore the idea of making exercise an automatic habit. The Many… Read more

Staying Healthy at the Home Office

Quick Tips: Keep self-care practices such as sleep and mental health a priority Eat balanced meals on a regular schedule Exercise for a MINIMUM of 150 minutes per week There are several benefits to working from home, such as extra flexibility for workers and time saved that would normally be used for driving to and… Read more

What Is the Keto Diet?

Surely you’ve heard of the keto diet. It circled the world in popularity, was dropped like a bad habit, and then came back around again. The truth is that this dietary concept has been around for a long time. Those who are old enough might remember the Atkins diet craze. Others might think about the… Read more

The Negative Effects of Quarantine on Your Health

We want to check in on you and call attention to a very important and growing concern that many of our clients are facing right now…  The dreaded Quarantine 15 or (even worse!) the COVID19+  Not another strain of the flu or virus we have had sweep our globe recently – but rather the creeping… Read more